PSC approves siting permits for two North Dakota pipeline projects

Published on March 30, 2016 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

The North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) announced the approval on Wednesday of siting permits for two new pipeline projects in western North Dakota to make crude oil and natural gas liquids more readily available in the state.

The first siting permit was for the construction of a crude oil pipeline in McKenzie County. The pipeline, to be titled the Wild Basin to Johnsons Corner Pipeline, would be a 19-mile-long, 10.75-inch diameter infrastructure. It would have a maximum capacity of 75,000 barrels per day and an above-ground storage facility that could store 200,000 barrels.

The project is expected to greatly improve the availability of crude oil in the area and would provide the equivalent of 280 truckloads of crude oil per day. Oasis Midstream Services, LLC, would run the facility.

ONEOK Bakken Pipeline, LLC, would run the second pipeline, called the Bear Creek Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Project, that would deliver approximately 14,000 barrels of Y-grade natural gas liquids per day.

This pipeline is expected to be 37 miles long and eight inches in diameter. It would be built in McKenzie and Dunn Counties and connect to the Targa pipeline already established in McKenzie County.

Both projects would have supervisory control and data acquisition systems and require continuous surveillance. The first pipeline has an estimated cost of $13 million, while the second has an estimated cost of $45 million.