Smart meters introduced to Pacific Power customers in California

Published on July 25, 2018 by Chris Galford

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Pacific Power announced this week that it would begin providing smart meters to residents and businesses in its service area in Northern California.

While nearly 26,000 meters will be installed by the end of November, Pacific Power intends to replace more than 640,000 meters in both California and Oregon between now and fall 2019. These new devices, the company said, will allow them to track outages, view power usage hour-by-hour, tap down operating costs, provide detailed usage reporting for cost cutting, and upgrade the overall grid for greater efficiency.

“We’re installing smart meters here in Northern California as part of a regional upgrade for the homes and businesses we serve,” Monte Mendenhall, Pacific Power’s regional business manager for Northern California, said. “It’s a project that will enable the communities we serve to take advantage of faster, more efficient energy technology.”

The upgrades are free to customers, and once completed, energy usage information will be provided to customers daily through a secure website. That website will be available to users approximately six weeks after installation of new meters.

“We are connecting communities throughout the region, improving the way we power our customers’ lives both at home and at work,” Mendenhall said.