Renewable Energy Systems awarded $16.3M solar, energy storage project

Published on September 28, 2018 by Chris Galford

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CPS Energy of San Antonio, Texas, has chosen Renewable Energy Systems (RES) to take the lead on a $16.3 million solar and energy storage project in the area.

The project will combine distributed solar generation with configured energy storage, interconnecting them at distribution voltage with a shared feeder system. It is slated to begin work in early October, with commercial operation following by summer next year. The facility will be located on San Antonio’s Highway 151 Corridor and yield 5 MWAC of distributed solar capacity alongside a 10 MW Battery Energy Storage System.

“RES is excited to partner with CPS Energy to construct a solar and energy storage project,” RES Executive Vice President Tom Duckett said. “Having 3 GW of wind and 238 MW of solar already constructed or under construction in the state marks RES’ first energy storage project in Texas and utilizes RES’ industry leading energy storage control platform, RESolve.”

The new system will eventually allow for peak solar production to be stored and added to the grid during off-hours. That, in turn, would allow for fossil fuel use to be rolled back during peak demand periods.