Sunnova Energy launches service plans to protect solar systems

Published on December 04, 2018 by Dave Kovaleski

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Sunnova Energy launched a new program to provides solar owners the opportunity to purchase coverage plans to protect their solar energy system, including monitoring, maintenance, and repair services.

The service — Sunnova Protect — is available to any homeowner who owns their solar system. With various terms and coverage plans available, the Sunnova Protect plans provide monitoring and system diagnosis to prevent unexpected solar outages. It also provides protection against most out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance, equipment repairs, and replacements.

“Sunnova has extensive experience monitoring, maintaining and ensuring optimal system performance for our customers,” William Berger, chief executive officer of Sunnova Energy Corp., said. “Now, we’re extending our expertise in solar system service to non-Sunnova solar homeowners’ so they too can protect their solar investment.”

Sunnova offers three different coverage options — basic, premium, and platinum with increasing warranty service terms.

“This is the first time that a residential solar and storage service provider has brought to market a truly unique service-only offering that provides solar owners with a 5-, 10- or 20-year warranty on systems the company itself did not install,” Berger added.

Sunnova is initially offering this service to customers in Southern California—where there is a high concentration of solar owners. It will then extend it to additional markets over the next few quarters. Also, it will incorporate the Sunnova Protect service plans into their product offerings for their dealer networks in early 2019.

“Deciding to go solar is a big decision and yet we see solar customers buying and financing systems without a service warranty, which means no one will be there to ensure the system is actually working and generating the energy it’s supposed to over the decades-long life of the system,” Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for Sunnova Energy, said. “We’re offering Sunnova Protect to ensure solar owners are covered so they can enjoy the energy independence and financial savings they expect from their systems.”

Sunnova, based in Houston, is a leading provider of residential solar and battery storage systems. The company has nearly 60,000 customers across the United States and its territories.