PacifiCorp coal economic analysis updated

Published on April 29, 2019 by Douglas Clark

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PacifiCorp officials said the electric power company has updated its coal fleet economic study to lend insight regarding how it meets the long-term customer energy needs.

“We continuously examine the costs and benefits of how the company generates electricity to ensure we are making the best decisions for customers,” Rick Link, PacifiCorp vice president of resource planning and acquisitions, said. “The study reflects the ongoing changing economics for coal driven by market forces.”

The analysis is part of the company’s 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which is under development and anticipated to be completed in August. The IRP identifies actions the company anticipates taking over the next 20 years to provide reliable and least-cost electricity to customers.

The work involved reviewing coal units that are part of PacifiCorp’s broader resource mix, as a means of determining if customers would benefit from closing a unit or combining units earlier than currently planned.

PacifiCorp is anticipating issuing a preferred portfolio for input from regulators and stakeholders before submitting a final plan to state regulators in August while also working to ensure communities and employees impacted by the potential early plant closures are informed and involved in the process.

“We understand the impact of these resource decisions on customers, employees, and communities and are committed to ensuring these impacts are known and planned for,” Link said.