EEI reminds customers to prepare for hurricane season now

Published on May 31, 2019 by Kevin Randolph

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The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) recently reminded customers to start preparing now for storms and other emergency situations that could cause power outages.

“In 2018, we experienced an active season with multiple major hurricanes in the Pacific and Atlantic basins,” Scott Aaronson, EEI’s vice president for security and preparedness, said. “As an industry, every storm presents an opportunity to apply lessons learned and improve upon our response. We can’t stress enough that advance preparation is incredibly important. While EEI’s member companies are gearing up for what is predicted to be another active storm season, we encourage our customers to do the same.”

Aaronson also highlighted the role of mutual assistance. Through mutual assistance programs, electric companies work together to identify resource needs and prepare additional personnel, equipment, and supplies that may be needed in storm-affected areas.

“During major events, electric companies devote all their employees to the restoration effort to get customers back online as quickly and safely as possible,” Aaronson said. “While lineworkers are the most visible, the restoration workforce includes professionals from across the companies directly impacted by storms, as well as contractors and workers provided through mutual assistance.”

EEI also noted that its member companies invest more than $100 billion each year in making the energy grid stronger, smarter, cleaner, more dynamic and more secure.