Texas PUC chairman thanks legislature for work related to state utility customers

Published on June 24, 2019 by Kevin Randolph

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Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) Chairman DeAnn Walker recently thanked the 86th Texas Legislature for its work related to the PUC and Texas utility customers.

“Texas is an enduring example of the power of competitive markets to provide affordable, reliable electricity and the essential infrastructure that makes the state so livable,” Walker said. “The Legislature’s thoughtful approach to tackling these challenges shows their willingness to listen to key constituencies and forge broadly beneficial solutions.”

House Bill 1 appropriated approximately $38.4 million for the new biennium, which includes funding for employees to support the agency’s cybersecurity role and the regulation of the state’s hundreds of water systems.

Other bills signed by Gov. Greg Abbott include HB 853, HB 986 and HB 1595, which apply PUC rules on advanced meter deployment to certain non-ERCOT utilities; HB 1397, which creates a generation rider ratemaking mechanism for non-ERCOT utilities; and HB 3867, which enables the PUC to hire outside assistance for proceedings at regional transmission organizations that have significant impact on Texas ratepayers.

“The Legislature has given us the legal and financial resources we need to adapt to evolving technologies, dynamic markets and customer desires as a way to sustain our state as a model of sensible regulation,” Walker said. “It sends a strong signal to companies contemplating investment in our state’s critical utility infrastructure that Texas is a place they can make a difference. Our team at the PUC looks forward to delivering on the Legislature’s charge as this new biennium unfolds.”