Entergy New Orleans to add 90 MW of solar energy

Published on August 09, 2019 by Chris Galford

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Plans are underway for Entergy New Orleans to add 90 megawatts (MW) of solar energy to its clean generation portfolio.

Already approved by the New Orleans City Council last month, the wattage will be spread across three projects. The greatest share at 50 MW will come from a solar facility to be constructed in Washington Parish, as part of a power purchase agreement on Louisiana State University-owned land. Another 20 MW will be produced by a solar facility Entergy will construct on 100 acres of land owned by NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East. The remaining 20 MW will be covered under another power purchase agreement from a solar facility to be built in St. James Parish.

“We care about our environment and our community,” David Ellis, president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans, said. “In this effort, we’ve found the right balance between environmental responsibility and affordability, something that is important in any decision we make as we keep the needs of all our customers in mind.”

Entergy earlier this year renewed a commitment to lowering carbon emissions by 2030, and believes that these projects will help achieve that goal. It was the first utility in the United States to voluntarily limit CO2 emissions.

The company’s New Orleans subsidiary currently supports more than 200,000 customers and with electricity and more than 106,000 with natural gas.