Pivot Energy expands solar capacity in Colorado

Published on August 09, 2019 by Douglas Clark

Credit: Pivot Energy

Denver-based Pivot Energy has been awarded 25 megawatts (MW) of new community solar energy capacity in Colorado through Xcel Energy’s 2019 Solar Rewards Community request for proposal.

“Colorado’s energy generation mix is quickly changing to a more decentralized and cleaner model,” Jon Sullivan, Pivot Energy’s vice president of Project Development, said on Aug. 6. “Pivot is thrilled to be able to work with Xcel Energy as a major contributor to that transformation. As a company headquartered in Denver, we are deeply committed to investing our time and resources locally to ensure that Colorado, its local communities, and its future generations can realize all of the benefits of that solar energy provides.”

Pivot’s Colorado community solar portfolio now rises to nearly 50 MW, the company said, making the firm the largest community solar developer in the state for total megawatts of approved capacity and total number of projects.

Sourcing for the 25 MW will be generated by 13 individual projects located across Xcel Energy’s service territory, available for any Xcel Energy customer to subscribe to, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers.

SunCentral is slated to manage the subscriptions, officials said, via Pivot’s proprietary community solar customer management interface, which is designed to provide customers, project administrators and utilities with a seamless user experience.