House Energy and Commerce Republicans to discuss energy innovation during December showcase

Published on December 04, 2019 by Chris Galford

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House Republicans from the Energy and Commerce Committee will host a showcase on Dec. 9 to discuss reducing innovation barriers and engaging new technologies to address energy security, fuel economic growth, and reduce emissions.

The showcase will include companies, academic institutions, and other private organizations to discuss the best public policy moving forward and to highlight their respective projects, products, and services that demonstrate successful energy and environmental policy. Participants so far include more than a dozen organizations, including the U.S. Army, DTE Biomass Energy, MOVA Technologies, Inc., NET Power, Texas A&M University.

The Republican side of the E&C has previously attacked their Democratic counterparts as radical, especially for reliance on efforts such as the Green New Deal. Instead, they have highlighted technologies such as carbon capture and utilization, active forest management, promoting nuclear energy, promoting efficient energy use through private-public partnerships, reducing bureaucratic hurdles to energy efficiency updates, encouraging the development of natural gas and increasing research and development funds for the natural gas side of carbon capture.

Key speakers for the showcase will include E&C Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson.