Firm brings advanced energy analytics to South America

Published on December 17, 2019 by Douglas Clark

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AMI-enabled predictive energy analytics and AI-based solutions firm Innowatts has partnered with a Colombian utility to deliver more accurate forecasting and analytic tools, as a means of lowering client costs.

“Latin America is on the brink of a true smart-grid revolution, and that represents a huge opportunity for Innowatts – and a huge opportunity for clean-energy pioneers like Celsia to reap the benefits of smarter, more accurate analytics,” Innowatts CEO Sid Sachdeva said regarding the partnership with Celsia. “Innowatts’ cutting-edge analytics platform has truly global potential, and will make sustainable energy more affordable and dependable for consumers all around the world.”

The joint endeavor would strengthen Innowatts’ foothold in the Latin American market, noting it is viewed as a critical future growth area for smart grid and AMI-enabled energy systems.

Celsia operates 28 hydroelectric, thermal, photovoltaic, and wind power plants with a combined capacity of 1.8GW while delivering 6,500 GWh per year to over a million customers in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

“Innowatts’ tools are giving us a deeper understanding of our customers’ real-world energy needs,” Juan Alzate, chief innovation officer for Celsia, said. “That lets us serve our customers better, and helps us make smarter decisions around customer engagement and strategic growth.”

The scope of work involves machine-learning systems trained using weather and energy data from 23 million smart meters around the world, offering insights into real-world energy use across a wide range of conditions.