Georgia Power offers arrangements for customers with past-due payments

Published on June 18, 2020 by Chris Galford

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Reckoning with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia Power has offered customers with past-due account balances the option of a special payment plan, granting them the ability to pay the company back over six months and still avoid late fees.

Customers must enroll to take advantage of the plan, which will stretch between October 2020 and March 2021. Additionally, Georgia Power has offered PrePay-enrolled customers the option to make payments for current energy usage and have a 25 percent portion of their payments put toward any outstanding balance, with late fees waived if the total is paid before April 2021. Those outside of PrePay can instead switch to the PrePay rate plan by July 15 with no deposit.

“We recognize that our customers across the state have endured an extraordinary burden due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Kevin Kastner, Georgia Power vice president of Customer Service, said. “We appreciate the support of the Georgia Public Service Commission as we work to help our customers navigate through these unprecedented times.”

Notably, Georgia Power has also extended its suspension of disconnections until July 15 to better focus on helping customers deal with pandemic impacts. Earlier this month, the company announced typical residential customers would receive an $11.29 credit on the monthly power bill, owing to a one-time $51.5 million credit approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Over the next two years, the company will also reduce fuel rates by 17.2 percent, amounting to $740 million. This will be coupled with a special interim reduction to provide even lower fuel rates to customers through September. All told, this should shave another $10.26 per month off the bills of the average customer.