SWEPCO set to begin five-mile rebuild of Texarkana, Texas transmission line

Published on August 18, 2020 by Chris Galford

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For the third phase of an 11 mile, $27 million transmission line project in Texarkana, Texas, the Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) is preparing to rebuild a five-mile stretch over the next year.

Set to begin on August 17, this phase should run into spring 2021, and achieve full completion that summer. Throughout the project, 70-year-old wooden poles are being replaced with steel poles and power cable as a means of improving reliability and expanding economic development potential in the area.

“This work will take place in a heavily traveled part of Texarkana, including part of State Line Avenue south of I-30,” Jennifer Harland, SWEPCO External Affairs manager, said. “We will be working with local officials and affected businesses and other customers to coordinate construction.”

The five miles being worked on in this phase cover an intersection at West 39th and Walnut streets in northeast Texarkana to the intersection of Summerhill Road and Clear Creek Dr. A fourth and final phase will follow in early 2021 and consist of work on 1.5 miles of transmission line in the area of Clear Creek, Summerhill Road, and Gin Road. All work should conclude by summer 2021.