Nebraska PSC approves stretched out Black Hills Energy natural gas recovery to reduce customer impact

Published on May 27, 2021 by Chris Galford

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While Black Hills Energy seeks to recover natural gas costs from the incredibly bitter and costly February winter, a plan has been approved by the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) that will stretch that cost recovery on customers’ bills out over the course of three years.

“The financial well-being of our customers is important to us, and we recognize how these additional costs can impact a family budget,” Kevin Jarosz, vice president of Black Hills Energy’s Nebraska operations, said. “We remain committed to supporting reasonable energy costs. Spreading the cost over the course of three years will result in a lessened impact to customers’ bills.”

This will reduce the immediate burden on customers, as such recoveries are normally collected over the course of a single year. Recovery will begin this July, with an average monthly increase of $10 for residential customers and $38 for commercial customers. Costs will, however, vary seasonally. No one who participates in the company’s Choice Gas Program or opted in to the 2020-2021 Annual Price Option program will be affected by the decision.