Appalachian Power contract with public authority customers to include renewable energy programs, other new services

Published on June 22, 2021 by Chris Galford

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Finalization of a new four-year contract between Appalachian Power and public authority customers, including schools and governments, was reached last week, ensuring access to renewable energy programs and other new services in Virginia.

Under the arrangement, rates and terms of electric service will be formalized through 2024, while access to net metering and other renewable energy programs will be guaranteed. A State Corporation Commission pilot program for power purchase agreements and the company’s 100 percent renewable wind, water, and sunlight rider will now be accessible.

“We’re extremely pleased with the outcome of the negotiations,” said Chris Beam, Appalachian Power president and COO, said. “The contract reflects our commitment to provide reliable electric service at a reasonable price to our public authority customers during the transition to a 100 percent renewable future.”

Appalachian Power has 1 million customers in Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee and its Virginia PA customers were, in this case, represented by the Virginia Municipal League (VML) and Virginia Association of Counties (VACo). In addition to the above, the new contract terms will also, for the first time, provide new offers for electric vehicle charging and LED streetlights to these public authority customers.