Entergy Arkansas requests proposals for up to 300 MW of solar, wind capacity

Published on June 29, 2021 by Chris Galford

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Seeking to bolster its electricity generating portfolio by 2026, Entergy Arkansas has issued a call for proposals for projects of up to 300 MW of solar and wind capacity.

This will add to an existing fleet of approximately 30,000 MW of electric generating capacity, including 7,000 MW of nuclear power. Yet, the company now finds itself trying to shift greener power sources, following a commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 across its service territories. To date, beyond nuclear power, its greener offerings consist of 73 MW of hydroelectricity capacity and 581 MW of solar generation either in service or proposed before the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

As of December 2020, nuclear power accounted for the largest share of Entergy Arkansas’ power offerings, at 72 percent of native load. Between them, solar and hydropower represented another 6.2 percent. Natural gas makes up another 16.6 percent, with the remainder occupied by coal and interruptible power.

For these proposals, Entergy Arkansas indicated it would likely seek a combination of build-own-transfer agreements, self-build alternatives, and power purchase agreements ranging from 10-20 years. All proposals must be based on solar photovoltaic or wind turbine resources, with a minimum electricity generation capacity of 50 MW.