Indiana Michigan Power pledges $2.2M to upgrade electric transmission network in Marion, Indiana

Published on November 12, 2021 by Chris Galford

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The electric transmission network in Marion, Ind., will soon be getting a makeover, thanks to a planned $2.2 million investment from Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) to begin in early 2023.

Work will consist of the Wiremill Substation and Extension Project, which involves three parts: construction of a new substation, new transmission lines, and retirement of another substation. To be retired: the 71-year-old Anaconda Substation near the intersection of East 8th Street and South Shunk Street. Replacing it will be the Wiremill Substation, which will be complemented by 0.25 miles of new 69-kV transmission line connecting it to an existing transmission line near the intersection of East 4th Street and South Shunk Street.

All work is expected to conclude in the summer of 2023.

“We are committed to improving reliability for the communities we serve,” Brian Recker, project outreach specialist for American Electric Power, I&M’s parent company. “The aging substation has experienced frequent outages in recent years, and building the new Wiremill Substation will improve electric service for customers now and in the future.”

The soon-to-be-retired Anaconda is still supported by some of the original wood structures put in place in 1950. Deterioration has made it a focus of frequent maintenance, prompting the effort to update.