EPRI leader cites important role of electric sector in decarbonization

Published on January 18, 2022 by Dave Kovaleski

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In his state of the industry address, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) CEO Arshad Mansoor spoke of the greater need for collaborative research and investment to bring new clean energy technologies from lab to market.

He also addressed the important role that the sector will play in reducing carbon emissions through electrification across the economy, from transportation to buildings and industry.

“Electricity is the tip of the clean energy spear, but to achieve economy-wide net zero by 2050 requires foresight with comprehensive modeling and planning, global, collaborative innovation, and backed by supportive policy and regulation,” Mansoor said.

He added that EPRI is working with research partners, energy stakeholders, and government agencies to drive innovation in carbon reduction for industry and government to use as a roadmap.

“The infrastructure bill recently signed into law makes historic investments that will help drive essential research and development for clean energy technologies that need to be produced at scale if we’re to reach net zero,” he noted.

To accelerate the development of low- and zero-carbon energy technologies, EPRI and the Gas Technology Institute launched the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative (LCRI) in 2020. LCRI has more than 50 participating global organizations. In October 2021, it launched its first demonstration project with the New York Power Authority to test blending renewable hydrogen with natural gas in a turbine.

“There’s no silver bullet that will meet global decarbonization targets but will require using clean energy technologies available today and supporting technologies of the future,” Mansoor added.