NiSource touts 63 percent emissions reduction while outlining longer-term sustainability goals

Published on January 21, 2022 by Chris Galford

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Through the release of its 2021 Climate Report this week, NiSource Inc. noted that it is on track to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent within the decade, given a 63 percent reduction already achieved, as well as other major green inroads underway.

“NiSource is committed to being a partner in addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through smart innovation, new and modernized infrastructure, and advanced technologies that maintain reliable, resilient, and affordable energy service choices for our customers,” NiSource President and CEO Joe Hamrock said. “People must be at the center of any effort aimed at shifting to a greener, more sustainable energy supply, which is a central focus of the 2021 NiSource Climate Report and a core principle that guides our shared path forward.”

NiSource, which owns the Indiana-based utility NIPSCO, highlighted the efforts of its customer-focused Your Energy, Your Future initiative, which has worked to identify and push decarbonization efforts beneficial to customers and the environment alike, putting financial, economic, social, and environmental considerations on equal footing. As part of this, the company also plans to continue engaging with other utilities, state commissions, customers, and stakeholders to determine the best path forward with its long-term energy strategy.

As of now, though, the company’s other plans include:

  • 100 percent coal-free through rebalancing its energy mix by 2026-2028
  • 50 percent reduction in methane emissions from main and service lines by 2025
  • 3,300 MW of renewable energy additions by 2023
  • 99 percent reduction in water withdrawals by 2030

“As the energy landscape continues to transition, equity and a just energy transition must be foundational to any future plan,” Hamrock said. “Our vision of a just energy transition provides universal access to clean, affordable energy for our customers and communities. It also includes public participation in strategy and decision-making, ensures a fair division of costs and benefits, and improves workforce development and retraining.”

At this time, the company has not ruled out continuing to sell renewable energy credits from NIPSCO’s generation to third parties in the future.