Rocky Mountain Power files 0.5 percent energy efficiency hike to Idaho customer bills

Published on January 28, 2022 by Chris Galford

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The Idaho Public Utilities Commission will consider a proposal from Rocky Mountain Power that calls for hiking the charge by 0.5 percent on all customer classes under its Customer Efficiency Services charge.

For the typical residential customer, the line item upcharge would increase bills by about $5.52 per year. On the company’s side, none of this would go into profit, though – it would instead help Rocky Mountain Power recover investments into energy efficiency programs already given to customers. These programs help coordinate when electricity is used and reduce overall electrical use, which, according to the utility, helps save customers money.

If approved, the revised charge would go into effect on April 1, 2022.

“Customers benefit two ways from these programs,” Tim Solomon, Rocky Mountain Power regional business manager, said. “First, participating customers benefit from lower bills as they take advantage of these programs and use electricity more efficiently. Second, all customers benefit whether they participate in the programs or not because the cost of electricity saved through these programs is about half the cost of electricity generated by a new power plant. It’s part of our balanced approach to use a variety of cost-effective methods to provide electricity to our customers.”

The efficiency efforts for residential customers include cash incentives for energy efficient appliances, improved insulation, energy efficient windows, and low-income weatherization. For business customers, programs include services and incentives to complete energy efficiency projects.

However, changes are still up in the air while the commission considers the proposal. The public can comment on the change during the application review period.