Dominion Energy Utah to open enrollment for customer carbon footprint reduction program this March

Published on February 02, 2022 by Chris Galford

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By launching a new CarbonRightSM program this March, Dominion Energy Utah intends to help customers offset all of their carbon emissions from natural gas usage in homes or businesses by supporting projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As a complement to other clean-energy options for Dominion’s customers in Utah and Idaho, the program will be entirely voluntary. Customers may enroll in or cancel subscriptions at any time, whether residential, business, government, or school.

“Our customers care about the environment, and they want clean energy for their homes and businesses,” Steven Ridge, vice president and general manager of Dominion Energy Utah, said. “We share those values and this program delivers on them in a big way. It’s an easy and affordable way for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and continue enjoying the benefits of natural gas, which includes reliable service, good value, and sustainability. CarbonRight—Your Path to Net Zero— is one more way we’re working together with our customers and communities to have a positive impact on the environment and Utah’s air quality.”

It will work through customer purchase of carbon offsets, made in $5 blocks on monthly bills. In this way, Dominion noted that a typical residential customer could offset their entire carbon footprint from natural gas usage by purchasing a single block per month or an additional $60 per year. Offsets themselves will stem from projects that reduce landfill carbon emissions in Utah and Missouri and a forest management and carbon emissions capture project in Minnesota.

All offsets will be independently certified. Enrollment begins this March.