AES Indiana joins EPRI Climate READi initiative to make a common framework for climate change-induced extreme weather

Published on June 22, 2022 by Chris Galford

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The Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Climate READi initiative added a new member this week in AES Indiana, bolstering the number of stakeholders seeking to address energy system resilience and adaptation in the face of increasing climate change-fueled extreme weather events.

“AES Indiana is proud to join Climate READi in its work to proactively strengthen grid resilience against potential climate and weather impacts, now and in the future,” Kristina Lund, president and CEO of AES US Utilities, said. “Together, with the other companies that have joined the initiative, we are showing how customized energy solutions and innovative thinking can help organizations of all kinds decarbonize their operations and the grid.”

AES Indiana is already investing $1.2 billion in an initiative called revAMP, which seeks to modernize its electric grid for customers’ changing energy needs. Such efforts include upgrading and replacing aging equipment, hardware, and other assets while deploying new technology, equipment, and smart systems. In this way, Lund opined, joining the READi initiative is an extension of work it is already doing.

Meanwhile, the READi initiative aims to gather global leaders and industry stakeholders to create a common framework for climate resilience work over three years. It will guide the analysis and application of climate data and work to promote the planning, designing, and operation of resilient energy systems.

The addition of AES Indiana, an AES company, puts the number of corporate partners for the initiative at 18.