GE Digital to offer Climavision’s global weather forecasting technology to better predict, plan for extreme weather

Published on June 24, 2022 by Chris Galford

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GE Digital enhanced its weather forecasting capabilities for electricity utilities through a new partnership with the weather tech company Climavision, announced this week.

The partnership rolled Climavision’s forecasting technology into GE Digital’s Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS), Storm Assist, and Storm Readiness solutions, building on its existing weather intelligence offerings with high-resolution radar and satellites. In this way, it will complement existing efforts to help utilities plan, control, and optimize the grid transmission and distribution system, even in the face of extreme weather.

“Storm readiness for utilities is paramount for a reliable electrical grid, and traditional weather forecasts have long played an important role in that process,” Climavision Co-founder and CEO Chris Goode said. “However, the velocity of the energy transition demands that we have better forecasts, particularly for renewable energy sources. Climavision’s platform will help GE Digital’s customers improve their ability to predict weather and mitigate weather-related impacts to the grid around the world.”

The technology will be available globally, wherever GE Digital’s customers operate. This, GE Digital emphasized, will help them to bolster their storm readiness and response capabilities in the face of increasing climate change.

“With the impact of climate change, it is critical electric utilities have an accurate and complete picture of current and forecasted weather anywhere in the world.” Jim Walsh, general manager of grid software for GE Digital, said. “Providing our customers with Climavision’s enhanced weather intelligence within their real-time control software helps utilities efficiently plan for events and safely and reliably deliver power.”