Avista files natural gas integrated resource plan with state regulators

Published on April 12, 2023 by Liz Carey

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Spokane, Washington-based Avista announced recently it had filed its 2023 Natural Gas Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with state regulators in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

The plan, which lays out a preferred resource portfolio to meet energy demand and emissions compliance, is part of the company’s regulatory commitment submitted every two years. The document projects customer needs in the future and determines the most effective plan to meet those needs. The document is developed through data and research by the company, as well as with the help of a Technical Advisory Committee that includes public utility commission staff, peer natural gas utilities, customers, and other stakeholders.

“This planning effort is a significant component to ensure that Avista continues delivering safe, reliable natural gas service to our customers,” said Scott Kinney, Avista’s vice president of energy resources. “This comprehensive plan addresses the resources available to meet our customers’ natural gas needs and how we will meet emissions compliance in Washington and Oregon.”

In Washington and Oregon, climate protection programs require Avista to meet emissions requirements that are reflected in the preferred resource portfolio for each state. The IRP shows officials that Avista can meet expectations, including in Idaho, where customer growth is the highest.

The utility commission will review the document and provide customers with the opportunity to comment, the company said.

Avista provides electric service to 411,000 customers and natural gas to 377,000 customers in territory that covers 30,000 square miles in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and parts of southern and eastern Oregon.