Con Edison spends more than $40 million on energy efficiency incentives in 2016

Published on March 30, 2017 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

New York energy company Con Edison announced this week that the company spent $40.8 million on energy efficiency incentives in 2016, which resulted in a reduction of 160,200 megawatt-hours of
electricity usage and 266,500 dekatherms of gas usage.

“Technology is giving households and businesses new and better ways to reduce their energy usage,” Vicki Kuo, director of Energy Efficiency for Con Edison, said. “We offer customers advice and incentives for taking advantage of programmable thermostats, sophisticated building management systems, the latest in lighting, and other technologies.”

In 2016, commercial and industrial customers received $4.9 million in energy efficiency incentives from
the company. Small businesses received $19.9 million, and owners of multifamily buildings received $10.9 million. Con Edison paid $5.1 million to residential customers. The company also provides free energy surveys for businesses.

Since 2009, the company has spent more than $280 million on incentive payments to its customers who chose equipment like energy-saving HVAC, lighting, building management systems.