Consumers Energy focuses on apartments, overnight community locations in electric vehicle charger expansion

Published on July 14, 2023 by Chris Galford

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In Michigan, Consumers Energy this week announced a refocused effort to expand overnight charging for electric vehicles through a deployment push at apartment buildings, condominiums and other community locations, all through its PowerMIDrive program.

PowerMIDrive works through $7,500 rebates for EV chargers at apartments and other multifamily locations, where vehicles need to charge overnight. A community charging pilot will provide a $7,500 rebate to 25 municipalities that deploy chargers in public parking lots or curbside locations, particularly in places within a block of multifamily properties.

“Consumers Energy is driven to provide solutions that accelerate the growth of EVs, as we plan to power up to 1 million carbon-free vehicles on Michigan roads by 2030,” Lauren Snyder, Consumers Energy’s vice president of customer experience, said. “By focusing on multifamily and community charging, we’re adding another piece of the puzzle that removes barriers for drivers making the switch to EVs.”

Currently, the company intends to add 200 EV chargers – including 100 fast chargers – throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. According to data from the Michigan Secretary of State, the number of EVs in communities Consumers Energy serves have tripled since 2020. That amounted to nearly 4,000 EV chargers for homes, businesses and along various roads so far.