ComEd and SunVest Solar successfully deploy four community solar farms in northern Illinois

Published on October 12, 2023 by Chris Galford

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Through a cooperative effort on the part of ComEd and SunVest Solar, four new community solar projects entered service in northern Illinois this week, including two in Dekalb and two in Freeport.

Community solar allows ComEd customers to subscribe to and gain the benefits of solar energy without needing to install solar panels of their own. Independent developers own the panels used in this case, but participants earn credits on their bills for their portion of the energy produced by such a project, which becomes part of the overall energy supply.

With these additions, 88 community solar projects now operate in ComEd service territory.

“ComEd and SunVest are proud to play leading roles in the growth of community solar in Illinois,” Scott Vogt, vice president of strategy and energy policy at ComEd, said. “Momentum continues to grow as more customers learn about community solar and how it enables them to access clean and renewable energy with little effort on their part. By the end of 2023, we expect to have 100 community solar projects serving about 25,000 customers.”

The two SunVest community solar farms added to Dekalb span 24 acres and more than 9,400 solar panels. Those in Freeport occupy another 23 acres, with more than 11,650 panels. Combined, they offer a capacity of 12 MW. Illinois homes can subscribe to such projects as long as their capacity isn’t already fully allotted.

“We are pleased to help make the ComEd region one of the nation’s fastest growing markets for community solar,” Bram Walters, CEO of SunVest Solar, said. “SunVest will have developed over 57 MW of community solar projects in northern Illinois by the end of this year, which will significantly increase the opportunity for ComEd customers to enjoy the benefits of community solar.”