New EV charger rental program offers low monthly cost solution for Duke Energy customers

Published on January 31, 2024 by Chris Galford

© Duke Energy

In North Carolina, Duke Energy recently launched the Charger Solution program – an electric vehicle charger rental program to lease its chargers monthly, including hardware, warranty, and maintenance offerings.

Approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission in August 2023, the program offers a variety of charger options for business and residential customers alike, on different pay scales. For residential customers, rental options start at around $14 per month for a three-year rental of a Level 2 charger. By contrast, non-residential options are based more on the charger and include four-year rental terms for a Level 2 charger or seven-year rental terms for a DC Fast Charger.

In this way, Duke sought an electrification option that would keep customers from the sticker shock of upfront EV charger costs, which can run hundreds to thousands of dollars.

“Duke Energy continues to prepare for the electric vehicle transition, as more customers consider and choose EVs,” Kendal Bowman, Duke Energy North Carolina president, said. “By offering a variety of charger solutions, we hope our customers feel confident that they have a choice to fit their needs, with the reassurance they can rely on our expertise for maintenance.”

North Carolina has set a goal of 1.25 million EVs on the road by 2030 as part of its clean energy goals. Duke Energy’s latest offerings came on top of a credit program and an EV charging subscription pilot program both launched last year, as ways to streamline electrification and roll out managed charging paths.