Virginia Natural Gas, Chattanooga Gas finish first renewable gas purchase with out-of-state environmental credits

Published on February 05, 2024 by Chris Galford

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A pair of Southern Company Gas subsidiaries – Virginia Natural Gas and Chattanooga Gas – completed their first agreement for renewable natural gas (RNG), incorporating environmental credits from facilities in Nebraska and Indiana.

RNG is a sustainable fuel source pulled from naturally occurring methane emitted largely by sources like landfills, or agricultural, wastewater, and food waste sites. Developers capture the biogas before it can be emitted into the atmosphere, ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are privileged to provide over 4 million people in four states with fuel that is clean, safe, reliable, and affordable,” said Bryan Batson, Southern Company Gas executive vice president of external affairs and Chief External and Public Affairs Officer. “Incorporating RNG into our fuel supply not only meets our customers’ expectations that we deliver sustainable solutions, but it’s also one of several tools we’re deploying in support of our goal to reach net zero operational emissions by 2050.”

The companies expect the resulting emissions reductions to reach the equivalent of sequestering carbon from more than 12,000 acres of U.S. forest land for a year.

This will also align with both companies’ future policies. Chattanooga intends to make 100 percent of its natural gas supply for residential and small business customers procured, transported or delivered by companies actively reducing their methane emissions. For Virginia Natural Gas, the company began using similar fuel in 2019 and has stated more generally that it wants to deliver cleaner fuel to customers in the years ahead.