NARUC appoints nine new members to its board of directors

Published on February 13, 2024 by Dave Kovaleski

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The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) recently added nine new members to its 20-person board of directors.

The new appointments come from various regions of the country. They include Katherine Peretick from Michigan, Kent Chandler from Kentucky, Mary Throne from Wyoming, John Hammond from Idaho, Carlton Simpson from New Hampshire, Leo Asunsion from Hawaii, Emile Thompson from the District of Columbia), Ron Gerwatowski from Rhode Island, and Jennifer French from Ohio.

“I am grateful that these fellow regulators have agreed to take a seat on NARUC’s Board, as each one brings credentialed leadership, subject-matter knowledge and a clear understanding of the needs of the Association,” Julie Fedorchak, the president of NARUC, who made the appointments. “We also appreciate the hard work of the previous Board members, who were instrumental in guiding NARUC to its present status. The new members are joining a strong group of regulators focused on working collectively to serve NARUC and the public interest.”

Members are appointed by the current NARUC president and serve four-year terms. Fedorchak, a regulator for the North Dakota Public Service Commission. also sits on the board. Along with Fedorchak and the 20-members, the board consists of the first and second vice presidents, each past president who is still an active NARUC member, and the chair of each standing committee.

The board oversees the association’s general and financial functions and approves resolutions that serve as the association’s policy.