New Entergy Texas substation pushes toward June completion date

Published on May 28, 2024 by Chris Galford

© Entergy

Entergy Texas recently announced that work is nearing completion on a new distribution substation near Surfside Drive that will help Bolivar Peninsula residents with reliability beginning this June.

Electrical demand on the peninsula has been steadily growing, according to the company. This prompted it to invest $110 million into the Bolivar Peninsula Reliability Project, of which this substation will play a significant part. Work on it began last June. The larger reliability project will combine new construction and equipment upgrades to improve both reliability and resiliency in the region by early 2025.

“The Palms substation is specifically designed to the latest storm resiliency standards and raised on platforms to better withstand potential storm surge,” Jim Nicholson, project manager at Entergy Texas, said. “This enhanced infrastructure will be able to withstand the more severe storms that continue to impact Southeast Texas. If we do encounter storms and the power goes out, the new substation will serve as another source to shorten outage durations and get the lights back on faster for our customers.”

With hurricane season beginning in June, the project may finish just in time.