Report highlights role of policy in US nuclear leadership

Published on April 19, 2017 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy released a report recently, which offers suggestions for maintaining and expanding U.S. leadership in the nuclear industry and highlights the role of policy in reaching this goal.

U.S. leadership is important for creating and preserving global standards of safety, security,
nonproliferation and efficiency.

“U.S. leadership can ensure that nuclear power is pursued within the highest possible standards,” Timothy Frazier, the report’s author, said.

The report suggests the issuance of a presidential policy statement committing to maintaining and
advancing U.S. leadership in the nuclear industry.

The United States has 99 operating nuclear reactors, which are among the best in the world. Changes in the electricity industry, however, have led to the premature closure of six nuclear plants since 2013 with more possible early closures in the future.

The report also advocates streamlining regulations for exporting and transferring nuclear technology and assistance to other countries to help the United States continue in its role as a leading supplier of nuclear technology. It also suggests making developing innovate nuclear power systems a key element of policy. It recommends reviving the Yucca Mountain project according to the conditions of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act as well as the mixed oxide fuel project.