Consumers Energy clinches agreement for 100 MW of additional battery storage

Published on June 26, 2024 by Chris Galford

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Consumers Energy announced this week that, in partnering with Jupiter Power, it will add 100 MW of battery storage to its existing portfolio over the long term.

As dispatchable energy, the battery system will help the company’s energy capture efforts and reduce overall electricity costs, acting in concert with energy efficiency improvements, demand response and grid modernization efforts elsewhere. While Consumers plans to develop 75 MW of battery storage of its own by 2027, this facility represents one of a number of already operational storage systems the company is using strategic partnerships to access.

“Battery storage is a critical part of our Clean Energy Plan, improving efficiency and boosting reliability during the transition away from coal to renewable fuel sources such as solar and wind,” David Hicks, Consumers Energy vice president of clean energy development, said. “We look forward to partnering with Jupiter to meet this need as we continue the journey to achieve our ambitious clean energy goals.”

The additional 100 MW will also help push Consumers toward its 550 MW battery storage capacity by 2040 goal.

Jupiter, for its part, was an early investor in battery energy storage developments in Michigan, and this facility, in particular, is based in Coldwater.