Florida legislature advances solar tax relief, consumer protection bill

Published on May 08, 2017 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

The Florida legislature recently advanced S.B. 90, which would provide tax relief for solar installations and create protections for consumers installing solar systems.

The bill would implement Amendment 4 of 2016, which Florida residents approved with 73 percent of the vote last August. It will now be sent to Gov. Rick Scott.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) praised the legislature’s decision.

“SEIA applauds the leadership of Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues and Senator Jeff Brandes in working to pass this legislation,” Tom Kimbis, executive vice president for SEIA, said. “And we urge Governor Scott to sign the bill into law to give Florida citizens the energy choices that they overwhelmingly voted in favor of last year.”

The legislation would make renewable-energy systems exempt from the tangible personal property tax and ad valorem real estate taxes. It would also require solar companies to divulge certain information to solar customers, including assumptions used to determine savings estimates. It also includes certain safety standards.

“The Florida legislature took a historic step forward today to expand solar across the state while recognizing Floridians’ desire for more choice over their energy options,” Kimbis said. “And, importantly, the bill includes strong protections and increased transparency for consumers, helping ensure they fully understand solar transactions.”