North Carolina legislature advances moratorium on new wind farm permits through 2018

Published on July 11, 2017 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

The North Carolina legislature recently advanced an energy bill that includes an amendment that would
place a moratorium on new wind farm development through 2018.

The bill, H 589, now heads to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

The amendment was added to provide time to consider the effect of wind-related infrastructure on military operations, training and readiness.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) says that the Department of Defense (DOD) already has
a process in place that allows it to evaluate and, if necessary, block wind farms.

“Over 53,000 wind turbines are in operation in 40 other U.S. states – some in close proximity to military bases – with no issues reported, no base missions harmed, and national security protected,” Andrew Gohn, eastern region policy director for AWEA, said. “The current Department of Defense wind project review process works. As a result, no wind project has ever been built over the objection of the Department of Defense.”

North Carolina recently completed its first major wind project and became the 41st state to have a utility-scale wind project.

“We’re calling on Governor Cooper to veto this bill due to the unnecessary, anti-business regulation slipped in at the final moment,” Gohn said. “If the bill stands, it will cast a shadow on North Carolina, a state currently on the leading edge of wind energy development in the Southeast.”