EPRI releases interactive spreadsheet for energy storage systems

Published on May 04, 2016 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) released an interactive spreadsheet on April 22 to provide a platform for utility consumers and energy storage system suppliers to better visualize the total cost of energy and storage systems.

“Energy storage is an important resource for optimizing the grid of the future,” Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC) Manager Ben Kaun said. “This tool will provide accurate and transparent costs associated with utility-scale storage on the front end of the process so that there’s no buyer’s remorse on the back end.”

The ESIC Cost Tool will empower users to view the true cost of energy against more than 150 factors, including warranties, installation, shipping and insurance. Consumers will be better able to make more informed choices regarding the purchase and installation of energy storage systems, as well as connecting those systems to the grid. The Cost Tool will also enhance clarity so that utilities and suppliers can best showcase their products and services.

ESIC is a technical group established to enhance energy products and technologies that are reliable, cost-effective and secure. The group is led by EPRI and is comprised of more than 200 members from various industries, including utilities, energy storage suppliers and other organizations interested in furthering the development of safe and affordable energy.