FirstEnergy Corp. announces $128 million in service improvements for Potomac Edison area

Published on August 18, 2016 by Alyssa Michaud

FirstEnergy Corp. recently announced that it will spend approximately $128 million on service improvement projects in Potomac Edison’s service area in Maryland and West Virginia through the remainder of this year.

FirstEnergy has already spent more than $67 million to date, devoting funds to projects including transmission enhancements necessary for system reinforcement and the construction of new distribution services over an area that covers the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and western Maryland. FirstEnergy has also systematically inspected and replaced utility poles above ground and distribution cables underground.

“These infrastructure enhancements are necessary to serve the influx of new residents and businesses to our Potomac Edison service territory,” James A. Sears, Jr., vice president of Potomac Edison said. “At the same time, we also are working on projects designed to help enhance the day-to-day service we provide our customers, such as replacing older underground cables and improving existing overhead facilities.”

Projects slated for completion this year include the replacement of wire on three transmission lines in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, where 75,000 customers rely on the regional transmission system, and a $3.1 million equipment upgrade that will enhance wiring, cable and fuses on 287 distribution circuits in a service area that will impact 398,000 customers.