License termination plan and partial site release requested for La Crosse nuclear power plant

Published on September 19, 2016 by Jessica Limardo

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a request for comment on Wednesday in relation to the La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor nuclear power plant’s request for a partial site release and license termination plan.

The license termination plan revealed current site radiological information, future plans for demolition and decommissioning tasks. It also included plans for final radiological surveys and data required to permit termination of the plant’s NRC license.

The partial site release requested that “unrestricted use” designation be granted for all areas within the La Crosse site that have are not affected by nuclear reactor operations. If granted, the areas would be removed from the plant’s licensed area.

LaCrosseSolutions acquired the nuclear site in June 2016, taking over operations from the Dairyland Power Cooperative with the intent to finish decommissioning processes. The reactor was permanently shut down in 1987. All spent fuel on-site has been moved into dry storage. Decommissioning is expected to be completed in 2018.

LaCrosseSolutions submitted the license termination plan and partial site release request on June 27. The documents describe how LaCrosseSolutions will meet the NRC criteria for unrestricted release of property.

A public meeting will be held on Tuesday in La Crosse, Wis., to discuss both documents.