I&M brings fourth solar power plant online

Published on November 14, 2016 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) announced on Thursday that its Watervliet, MIchigan Solar Power plant is now online, becoming the fourth solar power plant I&M has completed over the past year.

The new 4.6 megawatt (MW) plant will provide enough energy from its 50,000 solar panels to power approximately 650 homes each year.

“I&M is dedicated to serving customers in the ways they want to be served, and many customers have told us they want more renewable energy,” Paul Chodak III, I&M president and chief operating officer said. “Solar power is good for our customers, it’s good for our company and it’s good for the environment. The addition of these solar plants comes as I&M advances in its transition toward less use of coal. In fact, even before these plants came online, I&Ms’ generation last year was 60-percent emission-free.”

I&M is currently involved in a research partnership with Electric Power Research Institute that will examine the performance of its four solar power plants, which are spread across its service territory in different geographic regions. The project will also provide data on how  the power generated by the solar plants is connected with the electric grid.