MidAmerican Energy Co. develops augmented reality-enabled mobile app

Published on August 28, 2019 by Dave Kovaleski

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MidAmerican Energy Co. has formed a partnership with Index AR Solutions on an augmented reality-enabled mobile application to help their workers do their jobs.

Specifically, this new Source-Transfer Controller SuperApp will help workers of the Iowa-based company visualize necessary steps and decision points so that procedures are completed fully and quickly. Ultimately, that will lead to shorter service delays to customers and reduced risk of utility infrastructure damage. MidAmerican Energy serves 770,000 electric customers and 751,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

“We’re delighted to have once again partnered with a true leader in innovation such as MidAmerican Energy, as we reimagine the utility workplace of the future,” Dan Arczynski, CEO at Index AR Solutions, said. “Blending advanced visualization techniques with industry best practices and the knowledge of a utility’s most skilled workers, the Source-Transfer Controller SuperApp helps workers perform intricate procedures as safely and as efficiently as possible, each and every time.”

Source-transfer controllers are switching mechanisms used by utilities to minimize power interruptions. They enable operators to quickly shift from one power source to another in the event of a problem. The Source-Transfer Controller SuperApp uses augmented reality (AR) to present workers with an agreed-upon set of best practices, decision trees, and safety warnings at the exact time and place they are needed within a procedure. It also gives an electrician the confidence to safely perform troubleshooting, start-up, and operational tasks with minimal errors or risk. This all translates to fewer service interruptions to customers.

The Source-Transfer Controller SuperApp is available for purchase through Index AR Solutions. Pricing and terms based on a co-marketing agreement with MidAmerican Energy Company.