DTE Energy helps customers save $626M on energy bills

Published on October 24, 2019 by Dave Kovaleski

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DTE Energy customers will save a total of $626 million on their energy bills due to their participation in energy efficiency programs offered by the company.

The Detroit-based energy company, which serves 2.2 million customers in Michigan, conducted more than 24,000 free Home Energy Consultations in 2018 and installed 590,000 energy-saving products — such as thermostats and LED lights – in their homes. Additionally, 200,000 LEDs were distributed to nearly 10,000 low-income customers in partnership with local food banks.

“When homes and businesses reduce their energy use, we can generate less energy, which can reap benefits for our customers’ budgets and the environment,” John Boladian, director of Energy Efficiency, DTE Energy, said. “Since 2009, DTE’s energy efficiency savings program has saved the energy equivalent needed to power a city the size of Ann Arbor, MI with natural gas for two years and electricity for 10 years.”

DTE also offers similar services for businesses, such as Hills Fine Wine and Spirits in Bloomfield Hills.

“We got expert advice and with the help of DTE incentives, upgraded to LEDs and installed energy-efficient motors in the refrigerator cases,” Jake Mio, co-owner of Hills Fine Wine and Spirits, who participated in DTE’s Business Energy Consultation and Lighting programs, said. “Our customers noticed the brighter store. We like reducing our carbon footprint and saving about $350 a month on our energy bill.”

DTE offers an Insight app that allows customers to monitor real-time energy use from their smartphones. The app was recently enhanced with new features that leverage smart home connected devices, including voice integration via Amazon Alexa, smart lightbulbs, and smart thermostats.