Penelec finishing replacement, update work on Pennsylvania energy delivery system

Published on May 19, 2023 by Chris Galford

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Big updates to the electric delivery system in the Blair and Huntingdon counties of Pennsylvania are nearing conclusion, Penelac announced this week, promising an upgraded system for more than 1,100 customers in the central part of the state.

Part of the company’s $200 million Long Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan, this effort included replacement of approximately 50 wood poles, crossarms, fuses, lightning protection devices and other equipment along a regional, 34.5 kV power line and lower-voltage sections of the line. The larger plan calls for updates spread over five years, to ensure reliability for the area. Work on this portion began in February and completion is expected come June.

“Over time, severe weather can take a toll on exposed electrical infrastructure, and this project allows us to proactively address equipment that has served us well for many years but was in need of an update,” Scott Wyman, president of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania operations, said. “Utility poles are the backbone of the distribution system, and this work should enhance the reliability of electric service for our customers in these rural communities for years to come.”

Penelac is a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. and services around 585,000 customers spread across 17,600 square miles of northern and central Pennsylvania.