BGE closes in on $2.2B investment into electric, natural gas system reliability this year

Published on November 13, 2023 by Chris Galford

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According to BGE, it will have invested $2.2 billion into its electric and natural gas systems by the end of the year, with work on inspections, repairs, reinforcements and more throughout its Maryland service area.

The company has been working to undertake equipment inspections, repairs and replacements, preventative maintenance and reinforcement projects along its infrastructure since 2010. More than 400 miles of gas mains and more than 63,000 service pipes connecting customers to the gas system will be achieved by the end of 2023, while BGE predicted its $1.6 billion of investment into electric will lead to inspections of more than 4,5000 circuit miles of power lines and more than 40,000 utility poles this year.

On top of this, it secured natural gas contracts and filled its storage facilities for a full gas supply. However, as part of preparations, it has also asked customers to test heating systems and have them inspected by a qualified technician to guarantee they operate safely and efficiently for the coming winter.