Nuclear Energy Institute president unveils national nuclear advocacy strategy

Published on May 26, 2017 by Daily Energy Insider Reports

Maria Korsnick

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) President and CEO Maria Korsnick revealed this week the National Nuclear Energy Strategy, a new initiative to build nationwide support for nuclear energy.

Korsnick made the announcement at the 64th annual Nuclear Energy Assembly, an industry conference and supplier expo organized by NEI, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“To ensure that nuclear energy keeps working for America, the industry has developed a national strategy to communicate nuclear energy’s benefits more aggressively, more widely and more consistently than we ever have before,” Korsnick said. “We have stepped up our advocacy efforts not just a notch or two, but by a great margin.”

The program will seek to reinforce existing relationships, build new coalitions around nuclear energy’s various attributes and
help mobilize current and new supports of nuclear energy.

“Nuclear energy has friends among environmentalists, in the business and labor communities, and among groups focused on climate change and the broader issue of air quality,” Korsnick said. “Their priorities are different, but they have a shared stake in nuclear energy.”

Korsnick also called on the nuclear industry to act as advocates for nuclear energy and participate in conversations about relevant issues.

“We can build on these challenges to make the industry stronger,” Korsnick said. “Like me, you know exactly which aspects of this fascinating field have kept you a passionate believer in its promise for the future. What I’d like you to do is go out and spread that passion in the ways you know best. That is why we’re all here today.”